Researchers Discover Retina-Inspired Low-Light Camera Technology for Drones

A group of Swiss researchers discovered retina-inspired camera technology for drones, which will enable adjustment to low-light conditions and increased usability of devices “civilian and military applications.”

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Robotics Perception Group chief at the University of Zurich, Davide Scaramuzza, said the newly identified Dynamic Vision Sensor (DVS) system process, “Instead of wastefully sending entire images at fixed frame rates, only the local pixel-level changes caused by movement in a scene are transmitted – at the time they occur.”

Currently, if flight speeds of drones are increased, images become blurred.

But, the researchers developed a camera that refreshes and resubmits changes in brightness for individual pixels.

Scaramuzz explained that DVS adjusts to the intensity of light, similar to the naked eye. These “events,” as the robotics expert calls them, will facilitate the capture of images in high-speed motion or low-lit scenarios.

“This research is the first of its

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