Video: Special TAC Live Webcast on 9/11 Anniversary

On the 16th anniversary of the attacks of 9/11, TAC Managing Editor Kelley Vlahos spoke with two individuals—Scott Horton and John Kiriakou—who have unique insights regarding how the promulgation of law enforcement, surveillance, pre-emptive war, and the expanding U.S. footprint abroad has completely changed who we are as a country.

Kirakou, is a former CIA agent who was charged and convicted with leaking classified information regarding the use of waterboarding, and then sent was to prison in 2013 for a two year sentence. Today he is a staunch advocate for other whistleblowers, and a vocal critic of U.S. military intervention and intelligence policies.

Horton, the managing director of the Libertarian Institute, host of Antiwar Radio, and the foreign policy interview podcast The Scott Horton Show, also joined the discussion. Horton has been interviewing journalists, politicians, pundits, lawyers and experts on foreign policy and war-time

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