High-tech ideas for the summer: an intelligent travel-sized camera drone

Going on vacation doesn’t necessarily mean leaving your favourite tech at home. Plus, vacations can be the ideal time to try your hand at flying a drone, for a new way to film breathtaking scenery. 

Without shelling out too much, it’s even possible to get your hands on one of the most surprising new models of the year so far – the DJI Spark – a new mini drone that can be controlled via a mobile device, a remote control (sold separately) or by simple hand gestures.

The DJI Spark is a mini-drone that fits neatly in the palm of the hand. It has an onboard camera featuring all of DJI’s latest technology and can be piloted via a mobile device (using the DJI GO 4 application) or with a remote control.

Among its many innovations, this tiny drone can notably lift off from its owner’s hand simply by recognising their face. A

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