DJI Spark review:

You know how Apple sometimes seems to be behind its competition in performance, design or features, only to eventually leapfrog them and take the lead? That’s what DJI did with the Spark.

While the company was concentrating on making higher-end camera drones for prosumers and professionals, other drone makers — established and startup — were creating highly portable drones for people who wanted cool aerial selfies (aka “dronies”) without having to be an expert pilot.  

DJI’s $999 Mavic Pro seemed as close as the company would get to the category, with its compact folding design and intelligent subject tracking that let you capture selfies with a hand gesture. But then the Spark arrived in May and pretty much made everyone forget about all the selfie drones that came before it. It offers many of the Mavic’s same features in a body that’s roughly the size of a

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