Watch: Strange animal startled by drone is caught on camera

A STRANGE animal that was caught on camera after a drone flew overhead has yet to be identified.

The brown bear-like creature is spotted sprinting away from cows in the opposite fields at the Knockendon Resevoir on the Fairlie Moors and drone pilot Tommy Morrison is desperate to find out what it is.

Tommy, from Stevenston, said he was ‘shocked and startled’ when he watched the footage back because he hadn’t noticed it at first.

The video was filmed a few weeks ago by keen amateur photographer Tommy and the intriguing animal caught the attention of his Facebook friends with many suggestions as to what it could be coming forward.

From a bear, a calf, a brown sheep or a puma, there is no definitive answer.

What do you think it is?

Check out the full video soon and Tommy’s other videos

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