DJI Spark drone review: A powerful little flying machine for the average person

Gesture control

Controlling the Spark with the wave of a hand was a big selling point when it was first announced and it really does look cool the first couple times you do it. Landing it in your hand is also a pretty nifty trick. After regular use, though, it’s clear that gesture control isn’t quite ready for many practical uses. You have to move slowly and in a pretty exaggerated fashion for it to really work, and even then, it has to be in very close range. It’s cool, but it’s not quite ready to redefine the drone experience just yet. However, DJI has a history of improving features with firmware updates, so I wouldn’t be surprised to see the gesture control improve considerably, even before the next generation comes along.

Everything else

As a package, the Spark has a lot going for it. Each battery claims about 16 minutes of

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