Culpable US drone strikes?

Syed Qamar A Rizvi

REPORTED from reliable quarters, Trump’s administration is reconsidering its drone policy vis-à-vis Pakistan by broadening a drone campaign to penetrate deeper into Pakistan to target Haqqani fighters and other militants blamed for attacks in Afghanistan. By any fair yardstick, the US controversial drone strikes—operated out of war-zones—substantially challenge the fundamentals of international law. The US drone policy needs a thorough re-examination.
President Donald Trump has granted the CIA authority to conduct lethal drone strikes once again, according to a news report, rolling back the limits his predecessor Barack Obama imposed on the spy agency’s paramilitary operations. In one week earlier this month, the Trump administration conducted about 40 strikes in Yemen, including 25 on a single day. Barack Obama was much criticised for his dramatic escalation of drone strikes in non-battlefield

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