AirDog’s Action Adventure Drone Is Back For Round Two With The ADII

Zara Stone

AirDog Two on location

Gone is the bright purple and yellow casing, replaced with a more muted purple and gray palette and the sports modes have been upgraded to include motocross, kiteboarding, and waterskiing. But at its essence, the AirDog 2 outdoor adventure drone, is pretty similar to version one, and the simplicity is part of its charm.

This is a drone that does one thing and does it well. Its USP is that it’s the drone for the sports enthusiast, which means hands-free is key, hence the emphasis on their waterproof wristlet, the AirLeash. The design of this 4.4-pound drone is pretty similar to version one, the backlight on the screen being the main update, making it easier to read in direct sunlight. Large buttons are used to scroll through the menu, and you can pick from pre-programmed modes.

The flight modes are

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