‘No Drone Zone’

DEADWOOD — While it’s hard to get on top of a drone, Deadwood’s trying its best.

July 3, the city commission passed a resolution establishing community standards for drone operations within Deadwood and also heard the first reading of an ordinance regarding aviation-drone operation within Deadwood.

Deadwood Police Chief and Safety Committee Chair Kelly Fuller said that drones are an issue the safety committee has discussed as they become more widespread for civilian use.

“This is something we want to get out in front of,” Fuller said. “They are becoming more and more common, and if left unregulated, can pose a safety concern.”

Because there are a few instances where drones have been launched during Deadwood’s special events, where thousands of people gather for concerts on Main Street and in heavy traffic throughout town, police have found an ordinance governing them imperative, as drones can be modified to carry cameras, as well as weapons

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