Drone Warfare, Divine Omniscience, and the Unspeakable Power of the Photographic Image

Lawyer-approved CIA torture, “renditions” to other state torturers, mechanized assassination-by-drone (with many thousands of innocents collaterally killed), bloody and chaotic regime change premised on falsified intelligence, the moral injury suffered by soldiers in America’s interminable twilight wars, what the liberators saw in the Nazi death camps, the ongoing legacy of American lynching: these are all things still living in our consciousness that are too horrible to think about and almost unbearable to write about.

Draw Your Weapons
Sarah Sentilles
Penguin Random House
July 2017

Then, in an odd parallel, the tradition of apophatic theology that insists there are things too wonderful/terrible to speak about and write about: things touching on God’s glory, God’s justice, and God’s mercy. A tradition that asks us to shut up for God’s sake.

Only a thinker as inventive as Sarah Sentilles could put

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