Drone Cameras Will Be Used to Enforce Kite Flying Ban

The Punjab Government has directed police across the province to ensure that the kite flying ban is not violated and any violators are arrested immediately. Rawalpindi police will be making use of aerial drone cameras to better implement the ban on kite flying and aerial firing. These drones will help the police investigate instances of violations against the ban and get instant knowledge of the area and people behind those violations.

The drones were provided to the Rawalpindi police department last year in July. They were to be used to monitor protests and keep a lookout against any hidden criminals and in locating their hideouts. However, the police department only made use of one drone during the Ashura rallies.

Officials of the police department say that drones will be very useful in curbing the crimes, by striking at its roots. The police will be able to search for people who sell kites

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