Rules governing use evolving among local governments as more drones take to St. Louis skies

ST. LOUIS • Some St. Louis area municipalities are being cautious about drones as recreational and commercial interest grows.

As the miniature unmanned aircraft transition from devices used by the military to models for private film, photography and hobbyist use, local municipalities are trying to rein in their range, citing safety and privacy concerns. The result is a patchwork of laws.

Chesterfield, Clarkson Valley, St. Charles and St. Peters are among the area cities that have imposed restrictions in recent months as the devices become more common. The Federal Aviation Administration estimated in 2016 that the combined sales of hobbyist and commercial unmanned aerial systems would increase from 2.5 million that year to 7 million in 2020.

Chesterfield Councilman Randy Logan said after the June 19 vote there to restrict the use of drones that the issue still might be revisited.

“My thought is that the use of drones is

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