Pauline Hanson may have broken the law with drone video

The leader of Australia’s One Nation Party Pauline Hanson has posted a video of her piloting a drone during a visit to Townsville, Queensland, in what some have warned could have been an illegal move.

The video, posted to Ms Hanson’s official Facebook and Twitter accounts last night, was taken during a visit to North Queensland.

It begins with an Ms Hanson standing on a balcony with a drone controller in both hands.

“You probably wondering what I’m doing,” she says, addressing the camera.

“Actually, I’m flying the drone here, first time ever… Oh golly! I’m just having a go at it.”

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Ms Hanson goes on to joke that “the plane” is in fact owned by her adviser James Ashby, referencing the controversial donation of a light aircraft to One Nation, later claimed to be a business purchase.

“And actually it’s

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