Is Drone Aerial Surveillance Too Problematic?

When Brian Levy says the “sky’s the limit” for potential applications of the new PLAS tethered video surveillance system from IC Realtime, he means it in both a literal and figurative sense.

Levy, president of Hero Security in Los Angeles since 2006, is adept at analyzing new technologies and applying them to real-world security solutions for his clients. Thus, Levy has a slew of potential applications for the new tethered Persistent Low Altitude Surveillance System (PLAS) system from IC Realtime, which he believes could quickly replace drones for many aerial security applications.

Hero Security consults and installs security systems in various commercial verticals, primarily in healthcare and energy. One of the company’s specialties is securing large outdoor areas with fully integrated security systems. Among its more unique outdoor projects is securing a massive, 1,000-acre solar field for EDF Renewable with integrated GPS coordinates so law enforcement could respond to these often remotely

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