The Buzz: The Week’s Drone News Highlights

With estimates that as many as 4.3 million hobbyists will own drones by 2020, it’s no wonder so many news stories feature drones in their headlines. We thought TDC readers might appreciate a weekly digest of stories with hyperlinks to to the highlights!


The Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International has estimated agriculture will eventually account for 80 percent of the world commercial drone market. DJI has developed crop dusting aircraft that can carry a liquid payload of 15 kilograms. 

The even-mightier DJI Agras M-1S

After dominating the hobby market, the company has been unveiling so-called “enterprise” drones for agriculture, public safety and other industrial uses. It has already, of course pursued professional film-making with the likes of the Inspire 2 and the ultra high-end Hasselblad combo.


Any student who’s had

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