Massive hammerhead shark catch caught on drone video

July 3 (UPI) — A man flying his camera drone over a Florida beach captured the moment a fisherman reeled in a gargantuan hammerhead shark.

Curtis Williams posted a video to YouTube showing a man standing in the shallow water Saturday on Panama City Beach while struggling with the massive hammerhead.

Williams said the man eventually won the struggle, but the shark was released unharmed.

“They were pros, even stayed in water until it was good to go,” Williams wrote in the video’s description.

Jacob Saylor of adventure group Modern Day Outdoors said the fisherman in the video was Per Eghoj, a friend fishing with the group while visiting from Denmark.

“We weren’t directly targeting hammerhead sharks but when your line is out there you never know what you’re going to hook into,” Saylor told WZTV.

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