New laws target drone usage

ANDERSON — Among a slew of new laws going into effect July 1 is one targeting radio-controlled drones, which lawmakers and police worry are becoming cheap enough to cause problems.

Unmanned aerial systems, more commonly known as those camera toting, four-bladed drones, are moving from the realm of professional video and photography and into the backpacks and closets of young, inexperienced pilots across the state as the technology becomes ever cheaper.

But while the flying cameras can offer outdoor enthusiasts a new angle on filming their adventures, lawmakers worry they offer unsavory people a new way to harass or invade the privacy of others.

That’s what pushed Sen. Eric Koch, R-Bedford, to author a bill, which later passed into law, that makes it a Class A misdemeanor to use a drone to harass, interfere with public safety or commit voyeurism.

The law increases the charge to a Level 6 felony for anyone who has

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