US Military Occupation Is Not Humanitarian Aid – Truthout – Truth

While the US military, currently occupying countries in Africa, gets virtually everything it wants, the UN reports that about 20 million people in Africa and the Middle East are starving. Famine is particularly afflicting South Sudan, Somalia, Yemen, and Nigeria. (Photo: The US Army / Flickr)MEL GURTOV FOR BUZZFLASH AT TRUTHOUT

During the Cold War, the US military and the CIA were involved in a multitude of “indirect” interventions in developing countries.  A few — most dramatically and tragically, Vietnam — evolved from a supporting US role to large-scale combat missions.  The Pentagon typically defined these missions as “low-intensity conflicts,” though they hardly seemed as such to the innocent people caught up in them.  Now, just below the radar, the US military is engaged in an ever-increasing number of “advise-and-assist” missions, supplemented by major arms deals and CIA-run drone strikes, that commit the US to long-term intervention in

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