Dubai Police To Add Self-Driving, Drone-Deploying Robotic Patrol Cars

Living in Dubai these days must feel a bit like Detroit circa 2043, minus the shadowy megacorporation turning murdered cops into baddie-slaying cyborgs. Fresh off the oil kingdom’s plans to create an autonomous drone taxi service—and an attempt at their very own RoboCop—the Dubai Police Force has announced the creation of a fleet of self-driving, drone-deploying miniature police cruisers that can scan their surroundings for wanted criminals, and more ominously, “persons of interest.”

If that sounds a little dystopian for your taste, well, the rest of the details won’t do much to change that. Created by Singapore robotics firm OTSAW, the O-R3 units will send a live video feed via a 360-degree camera to a central monitoring station so Dubai Police can see what’s going on at any time. Thanks to biometric software and scanners,

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