Blueye Robotics lets you remotely pilot an underwater drone to 150 meters

Now you can search for sunken treasure remotely. Blueye Robotics is announcing that it is creating an underwater drone that consumers can navigate to as deep as 150 meters under the ocean surface — about eight times deeper than divers can normally go.

The Blueye Pioneer will be made to appeal to professional underwater drone operators and scientists, but it will also target consumers who just want to see what’s under the sea. The company is aiming to launch a $3,500 product in the first half of 2018.

Founded by Christine Spiten and Erik Dyrkoren, the Trondheim, Norway-based company is creating a drone that can withstand the enormous ocean pressures that exist at 150 meters, which is far deeper than the typical 30 meters that scuba divers can reach. They’re mounting a high-definition camera on the drone.

Above: Blueye Pioneer can go to 150 meters under

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