Everything You Need to Know About Drones — The Motley Fool

So you say you want to know all about drones? Well, let me stop you right there.

First, what kind of drones do you want to know about? Because there are a lot of different kinds of drones out there…

Drone silhouettes

The first thing to know about drones is that they come in many shapes and sizes. Image source: Getty Images.

Drones’ definition can be confusing. Defined most broadly, “drone” might refer to any remotely piloted vehicle — aerial, water-borne, underwater, or ground. Of course, when most people seek facts about drones, they’re asking about aerial drones. But even then, there can be confusion among the various types. Let’s break them down into two main categories and two subcategories:

  • Military drones, both armed and unarmed.
  • Civilian drones, both recreational and commercial.

And we’ll proceed from there.

Military drones

Military drones break down into two main groups — those that can kill you,

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