Last week in tech: Amazon’s massive drone delivery hub may be coming to your city (in the distant future)

Sega is releasing a bunch of its classic Genesis games for free as part of the Sega Forever series. The apps are add-supported, but you can pay $1.99 per game to play ad-free. The initial line-up includes Comix Zone, Kid Chameleon, Phantasy Star II, Sonic the Hedgehog, and the game that soaked up a few hours of our weekend, Altered Beast. They’re available on both Android and iOS.

Crypto Crash

Ethereum—the increasingly popular cryptocurrency that’s currently competing with Bitcoin—had a pretty rough week. Prices reportedly plummeted from $365 per unit all the way down to just $0.10 on a prominent exchange, and then back up again. The wild fluctuation may have cost some users hundreds of thousands of dollars, but the exchange is promising to repay the losses. Be careful out there in cryptocurrency land.

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