Congress Works Toward Clearer Drone Policy

(TNS) — WASHINGTON – When a Minnesota brewery wanted to use drones to deliver beer to remote icehouses, the Federal Aviation Administration shot down the idea.

Minnesota cities that tried to regulate drone traffic on their own also learned most of their authority stops at the sky. Now Congress is considering new rules that would give cities and counties more control over drone traffic, while aiming to preserve the potential of drone-based commerce.

Lakemaid Beer might not have realized its dream of buzzing beer across frozen Lake Mille Lacs, but the drone economy is coming. Amazon is testing drone delivery in the United Kingdom. Farmers are using drones to keep watch over their fields. Minnesota sheriffs are sending the little unmanned crafts up on search and rescue missions.

“This could be a brave new world — and a cool way to get your stuff,” said Minnesota’s U.S. Rep. Jason Lewis,

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