GoPro Karma review: Great camera, so-so drone

There was much excitement when GoPro first announced it was going to make the GoPro Karma, its very own drone. Until then, the burgeoning drone industry either made do with its own, substandard cameras or offered a GoPro mount for the ultimate in image quality.

With the Karma, GoPro would be able to offer the full package and capitalise on the growing market for semi-pro and professional drone video. But GoPro’s first attempt suffered from teething troubles.

It was withdrawn from sale shortly after launch and recalls were issued due to safety concerns, while all the time rival DJI was mopping up with its range of superb drones. The Mavic Pro proved you didn’t need a dedicated camera to provide awesome-quality 4K drone video, delivering safe, responsive flying and an incredible range of features in a compact, lightweight package. And now the DJI Spark is with us, offering serious features in

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