CopterSafe: Here’s How to Hack Your DJI Drone

Do you want to fly your drone faster and higher than the legal limit? A Russian hacking company called CopterSafe is now offering hacked upgrades for your DJI drone. Geofencing and No-Fly Zones help keep drones out of airports and stadiums, but you can now bypass that with CopterSafe’s software upgrades. Doing these modifications does not require you to send in your drone. This unlocking software is pretty much considered illegal, but it won’t be that easily accessible to just anyone since each upgrade costs a few hundred dollars. Here is an example of a hacked DJI Mavic climbing faster and higher than a stock DJI drone.

CopterSafe Hacked Mods

CopterSafe offers different priced software upgrades for numerous DJI drones. One upgrade allows a DJI Mavic to climb up as fast as 22 mph instead of the stock 6-7 mph; doing this mod also allows your drone to descend faster from

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