S Korea dubs N Korea’s surveillance drones as ‘grave provocation’

Seoul, Jun 21: Expressing concern over the suspected North Korean drone surveillance, South Korea has dubbed it as a “grave provocation” which violates the Korean War truce. Seoul also demanded a United Nations probe into a drone that crashed near the border.

A drone, which had been photographing a controversial US missile defence shield, was discovered early June after it crashed close to a sensitive military installation along the heavily fortified border, Seoul’s military said.

“The latest action by the N. Korea is a grave provocation and a wanton violation of the armistice,” Jeon Dong-Jin, first deputy director of the South’s Joint Chief of Staff, told reporters, referring to the treaty which ended the 1950-53 war.

A full investigation into the drone’s wreckage discovered its planned itinerary and confirmed that it had taken off from the North before capturing more than 500 photos of the South’s territory, the defence ministry said.

“We strongly

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