Hover Camera review – the ultimate Selfie Drone

When it comes to Selfie drones there are a fair few flooding onto the market. The concept being a selfie from a high vantage point is something new and different and will be much better than your outstretched arm or a selfie-stick.

Problem is, most of them are more than a bit crap. Hard to fly, awful image quality – you name it.

Enter the Hover Camera – a drone I saw demonstrated at CES which quite frankly seemed too good to be true.  But it’s not, it’s real, and you can get it at Apple Stores now.

This little guy ain’t cheap – $830 – and that compares to DJI’s mini drone the Spark which comes in a touch higher.  No doubt the Spark is a more versatile drone, but the Hover Camera fits the “selfie drone” nametag with perfection.

It’s safe – only

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