Mike Maden gets in ‘Contact’ with Tom Clancy

On the day that Mike Maden got the news, he went from tickled pink to panic attack in 30 seconds.

He was selected to write the next Tom Clancy novel.

“I’d been a fan since I read ‘The Hunt for Red October’ in grad school,” Maden says. “The day I got the call was one of the greatest in my writing life.”

Then a feeling of abject terror swept over him. After all, Clancy, who died in 2013, is the man who practically invented the genre.

“Every techno-thriller written today is the offspring of Tom Clancy’s brilliance,” says Maden, who made a name for himself in the genre as the author of “Drone” and its three follow-ups. “In one sense, we’re all writing Tom Clancy novels.”

Maden, a former North Texas resident (from 1995 to 2014), had nothing to worry about.

“Tom Clancy Point of Contact” (Putnam, $29), the new installment in the bestselling Jack Ryan/Jack

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