Hit-and-Run Drone Collision Causes Power Outage for 1600 in Google’s Hometown

The increasing prevalence of drones in our skies and streets is going to usher in some spectacular benefits, as well as some unintended consequences. The technology is already way ahead of the law.

On Thursday, 1,600 people in the Silicon Valley city of Mountain View lost their electricity when a white-haired white man driving a white car flew a (white?) drone into a high-voltage wire, as reported in a statement by the city and spotted by The Mercury News. The drone operator then fled the scene.

According to the City of Mountain View, officers were investigating reports of a power outage impacting “roughly 1,600 PGE customers.” Witnesses told officers “that a white adult man with white hair had been flying a drone in the area…and the drone subsequently crashed into a high-voltage wire.”

The power outage lasted about three hours, resulted in an evacuation of the city library, and

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