What to do when there’s a peeping drone outside your bedroom window

Elliot Roth enjoys an expansive view of the city from the 18th floor of his condo in uptown Charlotte. He just didn’t expect someone to be peeping into his home from that height.

But that’s what he said happened one early evening in mid-March, when he spotted a drone hovering outside his window in the Skye condos on South Caldwell Street. He said he believes the drone spotted him watching it, took off then returned soon after, slowly going up the side of the building and peering at windows.

“It’s creepy that someone’s looking in your window,” Roth said. “You figure you’re 18 stories up no one’s going to be watching you, right?”

Even if it wasn’t peeping, the drone might have been violating federal rules against flying over a crowded area.

Also in March, a drone crashed onto the roof of a building Wells Fargo leases on South College Street. A month

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