EDITORIAL: Police drones and privacy rights

At least 10 Indiana police departments already have their own drones, and more are considering obtaining them. They have the potential to be incredible crime-fighting tools.

The only problem is that it is hard for police to use drones legally in this state. In fact, civilians would probably have an easier time staying within the law while using them.

The Indianapolis Police Department, as one example, wants drones for crowd surveillance at major gatherings downtown, reports The Indianapolis Star. And the Indiana State Police want them to monitor traffic at events such as the state fair.

But both of those uses would be against the law in Indiana.

Indiana is among 18 states, according to a National Conference of State Legislatures report, in which a police department needs a warrant to use a drone, except in a few circumstances and in emergency situations.

So unless there were a “reasonable suspicion” that a terrorist event

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