DJI Spark review: a little bit of magic in the palm of your hand

In the first 30 years of mobile phone development, tech companies worked to make them smaller. Then, with the advent of the smartphone, we hit an inflection point where the size of the screen outweighed the portability of the device, and the race to miniaturize our smartphones came to an end. When it comes to the evolution of consumer camera drones, we’re in the early stages of experimenting with how small these gadgets can be while still delivering worthwhile results.

DJI’s Phantom 4 came out in March 2016. Six months later it released the Mavic Pro, which was about half the weight and, with its folding design, less than half the size. Eights months after that, and DJI’s latest drone, the $499 Spark, halves the size and weight of the already slim Mavic. If things keep up at this rate, DJI will

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