Summit County police blotter: Distracted drone pilots robbed in Breckenridge

Breckenridge police were dispatched to a report of theft near Sawmill Road on the afternoon of May 27. On scene, two men said they had been piloting a drone nearby when it flew out of sight, prompting them to hit the land button.

The two men then went into the woods to retrieve the drone. When they returned roughly two minutes later, a backpack they had with them was gone.

Inside, they said, was a drone battery and about 10 drone propellers worth about $210 in all. The men said they hadn’t seen anyone suspicious in the area and had no idea who might have taken the backpack.

The case was inactivated due to a lack of leads.

Job seeker lands in jail

On May 22, a man went to the Breckenridge Police Department

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