Ai Weiwei Brings Drones To Park Avenue Armory In Latest …

(Courtesy of Park Avenue Armory)

(Jake Offenhartz / Gothamist)
An immersive new exhibition exploring public space and mass surveillance is coming to the Park Avenue Armory—and much like its subject, it’s difficult to tell when exactly the experience begins, and when it ends. The disconcerting feeling that you’re being watched kicks in at the Lexington Avenue entrance of the Armory, as a sign reading “What does a suspicious text look like?” leads into a dark corridor. A low hum can be heard from the hallway, which eventually opens up to a vast space, also dark, with dozens of drones flying overhead. As the unmanned vehicles hover only a few feet above eye level, you’ll notice a subtle white light following your every step, projecting your image in infrared

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