The DJI Spark is the first drone for anyone

The era of flying selfies may be right around the corner.

DJI previously told Quartz that its Phantom 4 drone was the first drone that anyone should be able to fly, but we disagreed. Although it could avoid people well, it was still difficult to set up and not that easy to fly. It was followed by the Mavic Pro, a foldable drone built around the same avoidance and camera technology in the Phantom, but in a smaller package. Last week, DJI unveiled the Spark, its smallest, most affordable drone to date. It’s the logical progression of its last few releases—smaller, just as powerful, and cheaper—but is it really easy enough for novices to fly right away?

Quartz spent the week with the Spark, to find out if it’s worth picking up:

What’s good

You really can feel like a Jedi. Using your hands to control the drone works really well. Anyone

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