Guess who has drones now? ISIS.

Over the past year, the US and its allies in the fight against ISIS in Iraq have had to contend with a new wrinkle to their efforts: drones. Yes, on the battlefield, America and company must now deal with the combination of ISIS and drones.

Last week, Gen. Raymond Thomas, the commander of US Special Operations Command, said during a conference that the “most daunting” problem his operators in Iraq faced in 2016 were cheap, commercially available drones. ISIS found ways to attach weapons to those drones, dropping mortars and other ordnance on US-allied forces, which has harmed Western forces.

In the last two months of 2016, in the midst of the fight to liberate the ISIS stronghold of Mosul, ISIS drones reportedly attacked US-backed forces about once a day. “About five or six months ago, there was a day when the Iraqi effort nearly came

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