France Helps Iraqi Military Find, Kill French Citizens Who Joined ISIS, Report Says

French intelligence has provided Iraqi forces with information to assist in the location and killing of French citizens in the Islamic State militant group (ISIS), an investigation has reportedly found.

Citing both French and Iraqi officials close to the alleged operation, The Wall Street Journal reported Monday that France had provided Iraqi security forces with at least 30 faces and names of French citizens who were believed to have joined and fought for ISIS. The goal was to exterminate the individuals before they could return home, where they could potentially stage attacks on civilians in France and other European countries. The Iraqi military and its allies are receiving assistance from a U.S.-led international coalition that includes 1,700 French troops to dislodge ISIS from its final Iraqi stronghold of Mosul. A senior Iraqi counterterrorism official showed the outlet 27 names and five photographs of individuals currently sought by France, with purported

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