Use of drones by police in Idaho are on the rise

Ganske said ISP has used drones for a variety of situations, including when suspects barricade themselves inside buildings, fatal accidents, officer-involved shootings, hazardous materials scenarios, natural disasters and to assist other agencies.

Drone footage increases the efficiency and safety of investigations, said Ganske, a drone pilot and director of ISP’s drone program.

“Drones have helped us expedite investigations to get traffic flowing again,” he said. “They give us views that we can’t get on the ground. They also make it safer for responders.”

And the scenarios are becoming more widespread.

Ganske said a drone was recently flown through a door in a residence in Nampa to get a view of a suspect.

The technology was also used to find a veteran in the woods who had walked away from a nursing home.

“We were able to locate the (person), as opposed to sending out a search and rescue team,”

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