South Korea Invades DPRK Airspace with Drone: Pyongyang

Despite South Korean President Moon Jae-in’s promises of renewed inter-Korean dialogue, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea has reported that an Israeli-built Heron surveillance drone flew within its borders.

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“The puppet military of south Korea let a spy drone ‘Heron’ intrude deep into the territorial air of the DPRK four times while flying above the hotspot waters of the West Sea of Korea and its vicinity,” a report by North Korea’s Korea Central News Agency said Saturday.

“The recent adventurous provocation is prompted by their sinister scheme to ward off the growing demand of the south Korean people for improved north-south relations and ignite a war for invasion of the north, pursuant to their U.S. master’s anti-DPRK policy,” the report added.

The KCNA said that the incursion was grave, given that the U.S. had relocated four Global Hawk spy drones and

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