Amphibious drone returns, packing a 4K camera

Two years ago we first heard about the Splash Drone, a floating quadcopter that can land on the water to get underwater shots via a user-supplied GoPro camera. Well, the just-announced Splash Drone 3 features its own motor-stabilized 4K/25fps camera, along with improved flight control and propulsion systems, plus the return of a Payload Release System that allows it to deliver things like fishing bait or life preservers up to its maximum control range of 1 km (3,280 ft).

There are actually two versions of the Splash Drone 3, namely the Auto and the Fisherman. The Auto comes standard with the waterproof 4K camera and 2-axis gimbal, while the Fisherman comes with the Payload Release System. That said, the camera and payload modules can be quickly detached from the aircraft and swapped, so either drone can use either module.


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