A White House proposal would let police shoot down drones

The Trump administration wants Congress to let law enforcement crack down on drones, according to a document published by The New York Times. The proposal, which apparently circulated yesterday, would let government agencies monitor any unpiloted aircraft system (UAS) flying over an American “covered facility, location, or installation.” They’d be given wide latitude to intercept wireless signals going to the drone, and if they determine that it’s a threat, they’d be able to redirect, disable, confiscate, or destroy it.

“Covered” areas could refer to the sites of search and rescue operations, wildfires, police investigations, and many other government activities. Agencies would set more specific regulations and procedures, which are supposed to “appropriately protect” privacy and civil liberties.

The draft legislation would create an exception for drones in US hacking and surveillance laws, as well as FAA aircraft regulations. Currently, intercepting UAS signals could count as wiretapping or accessing

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