ZeroTech’s Dobby Pocket Drone Is a Flying Selfie Stick

• Shoots up to nine minutes of 1080p video, or up to 200 13-megapixel photos.
• Maximum speed of 10mph; can fly in winds up to 17mph; 10 minute claimed flying time
• 197 grams, with battery (my scale)
• Fits in a jersey pocket
• Controlled via smartphone: iOS and Android apps available
• Does not require FAA registration

Check out this video to see how the Dobby Drone works:

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Though I’ve used my fair share of remote controlled devices, this was my first time flying a camera-equipped quadcopter. So it’s not surprising that my first attempts with the Dobby resulted in a lot of failure. But with time and experience, I got a lot better, and my success rate went up. Still, be prepared to throw away more than you use. I had to shoot a

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