The ‘World’s Smallest Camera Drone’ is now on sale for $24

Who doesn’t love drones, right? Once the playthings of the wealthy, they’re now some of the coolest toys around. And the ones with cameras on are the most fun.

Today we’re showcasing is a silver-dollar sized drone with full video recording capabilities. The Cheerson CX-10C launched as the World’s Smallest Camera Drone, and we’ve been hard pressed to find any that are smaller.

I highly recommend this drone to anyone interesting in flying, whether you’re a beginner or have been flying for a while. That being said, there was a slight learning curve (for me at least) when I first took it out of the box. But once you get a feel for it it’s an easy and fun time… Overall, this is an excellent purchase, just be mindful of where you fly it.
~Philip Evreniadis, Amazon (4/5 stars, Jan 2017)

Now, the camera is only .3 megapixel, but users have

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