Police drone launched as SWAT standoff with armed, suicidal man continues in Daytona Beach Shores – Daytona Beach News

DAYTONA BEACH SHORES — Snipers stood their post and a drone circled overhead while police shot tear gas late Monday afternoon into a beachside townhouse where an armed man had been barricaded all day.

Craig Trover didn’t leave his house but he was updating his Facebook page while police were urging him through a PA system to surrender his weapons and himself. Police convinced him to toss out an AR-15 rifle, and they, in turn, flew in their drone to deliver him a phone charger he had requested.

But Trover suspected a trap.

“I threw my only rifle out the window, and they put a phone charger right next to it,” Trover wrote on Facebook. “They wont pick up the rifle. They want me to get the charger so they can say I made a sudden move for it.”

Trover, whom police called suicidal, didn’t

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