Chinese Media Praises Killing Of CIA Spies: ‘Sweeping Victory’

Chinese media applauded Monday reports that China killed around a dozen CIA intelligence assets in China.

The Chinese government dismantled CIA spy operations in China by killing or imprisoning around 20 intelligence sources from 2010 through 2012, reports The New York Times. An influential Chinese tabloid affiliated with state media said that if the story was true, it was a victory for China.

“If this article is telling the truth, we would like to applaud China’s anti-espionage activities. Not only was the CIA’s spy network dismantled, but Washington had no idea what happened and which part of the spy network had gone wrong,” the Global Times wrote in an editorial. “It can be taken as a sweeping victory.”

“Strike hard against spy traitors, protect the country’s security!” one Chinese netizen commented in response to The New York Times report.

“No matter how Americans see it, international law will affirm that China’s

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