DJI streams drone footage to your television – Engadget

Just a few months after GoPro threatens to close its entertainment doors, DJI is ready to step in. The drone-cum-camera company has just announced that it’s launching a Smart TV app that’ll stream plenty of aerial content and 4k videos captured from DJI drones and cameras. The app will initially be made available on Samsung’s Tizen TVs and Apple TV.

This is yet another instance in which DJI and GoPro have overlapping businesses. GoPro started with cameras and moved into drones, while DJI went from making drones and then moved into the camera business (The DJI Phantom Vision 2 was the first to ditch GoPro cameras for its own).

GoPro has also been trying to make inroads as an entertainment company for a few years now — indeed, there’s a GoPro channel on Xbox, PS4, Roku, Samsung and LG TVs, as well as Virgin America’s in-flight

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