CIA spy penetration worse than presumed

Over the years, LibertyUnderFire has provided multiple columns on the National Security Agency’s massive intelligence gathering and storage of all electronic information from all electric devices and how such activity violated the 4th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution of all U.S. citizens. Knowledge of such intelligence gathering is now well-known, and after the document dump by Edward Snowden four years ago, it is no longer disputed.

Now new document dumps by WikiLeaks, one of over 9,000 documents beginning March 23 through April 22, reveal a second U.S. intelligence gathering organization potentially far worse than the NSA. The CIA, which is supposedly restricted to foreign intelligence gathering, has developed technology capable of turning our electronic devices, televisions, computers, iPhones – even automotive technology – against the user anywhere in the world, even U.S. citizens. That invasive technology is why the unidentified whistleblower leaked the information to WikiLeaks.

We do not

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