UN aviation agency seeks public input on drone tracking – Business …

MONTREAL: The International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) on Wednesday asked the public for feedback on a proposal to track drones in real-time around the world to avoid collisions with jetliners.

The electronic system would identify all drones in use, their position, trajectory and altitude, as well as who owns them and the location of persons remotely operating the flying machines.

The real-time information provided by ICAO member states would eventually be used to create a database that may be consulted by authorities in each country, Leslie Cary, head of the ICAO’s unmanned aircraft programme, told AFP.

It would also be a first step in harmonising drone regulations across jurisdictions as the industry rapidly expands.

”All of these states are facing the same problems” and wish to agree on a common “field of play,” said Cary.

In recent years, many countries have expressed concern about the increasing number of incidents involving drones flying too close to

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