This drone crashing into a bike race is every cyclist’s nightmare

Getting hit by a car tends to be the constant fear on every cyclist’s mind. But thanks to a video going viral today, riders everywhere now have a new vehicle to worry about: drones.

A drone flying over cyclists on May 6 during the Golden State Race Series in Rancho Cordova, Calif. hit a tree, crashing into a rider’s front wheel. The cyclist was able to bike a bit further down the road, until the drone locked up the front wheel, causing the biker to fly over the handle bars.

Another biker, Kaito Clarke, who was using a Garmin Virb camera to video his race, captured the collision on camera, which he then posted to YouTube. Watch the drone collision here, which starts around the 30-second mark and replays again in slow motion:

The cyclist didn’t suffer any major injuries (just a gravel rash) and the drone pilot, who immediately came forward

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