The ‘poor man’s selfie drone’ could be the future of ski videos

When showing off on piste, in the park or through powder, aerial footage is a great way to take GoPro videos to the next level. But what if you can’t afford to shell out for a drone, or don’t have someone to operate the camera while you’re popping tricks? Not to mention the fact that many ski resorts have banned drones altogether

Well, here’s a nifty alternative – simply chucking your camera in the air. This new video from Swiss pro skier Nicolas Vuignier uses a low-tech setup to stunning effect:

The secret behind this footage is a gadget called AER, a plastic GoPro holder with aerodynamic foam fins. Designed to be thrown and fetched by hand, it was launched on Kickstarter as a low-cost alternative to camera drones. 

Vuignier got hold of a prototype and customised it so the camera faced backwards,

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